EIC解决方案长期维修基础设施子市场,如MARKETMARKET电力与能量,mass transit,废水,电信, 和security applications。随着多年服务这些行业的经验,EIC解决方案一直参与保护网络设备,过程控制和监控系统免受恶劣环境,确保安全可靠的操作。
U.S. Infrastructure is forecasted to grow considerably over the next 4 years. The vision of the new administration demonstrates an increased focus on infrastructure needs in many of the specific areas EIC Solutions has a successful track record. The anticipated growth surrounding this development indicates a greater need to integrate EIC Solutions’ products to keep sensitive equipment running smoothly and reliably. Each infrastructure sub-market utilizes various types of electronic equipment, which can be exposed to extreme environments. EIC Solutions’ U.S. manufactured products are ideally suited to service the various sub-markets:

一个nd Energy

solar-panels-and winmillsEIC解决方案具有发电,可再生能源,核电和太阳能园应用的经验。这些能源中心中的每一个都使用关键的电子元件和发电机来控制它们产生功率的过程。通常这些工业设施可以是敏感设备的居住环境。户外太阳能公园需要安装在远程位置的监控和控制设备,这些设备也暴露在极端的户外条件下。还可以使用诸如减少铝或硅胶含量的定制来解决一些核设施的需求。EIC Solutions提供坚固的NEMA外壳,具有整体的冷却,该房屋和环境保护控制,服务器,监控设备和其他敏感电子器件,允许不间断运行。有关EIC为电力行业解决方案的更多信息,请参阅下面的链接。



升降地铁汽车过境基础设施支出预计在不久的将来会显着增加,重点是增强的安全性,以便在大规模交通系统中提供更高的安全性。户外运输改善面临挑战,因为敏感电子器件受到极端环境温度,太阳能暴露,湿度,振动和空降污染物。通常,用于传输应用的设备安装在远程位置,使维护难以且昂贵。EIC Solutions的热电,固态空调没有液体线,过滤器或制冷剂,使我们的单元成为188金宝搏手机版网址这些远程安装的理想无需维护解决方案。EIC Solutions提供户外NEMA额定机箱,这些机壳可根据过热,通过大规模运输应用来消除停机时间或失败,包括:

DMX控制 - 桥梁LED照明
相机/ DVR设备
Parking Garage Security Systems


水处理设施In the aftermath of the Flint, Michigan water crisis, cities and municipalities all across the country are reviewing and improving processes surrounding water treatment and safety. Companies that provide water quality monitoring, treatment and analysis will be integral to ensuring access to safe drinking water. Much of this monitoring and treatment equipment requires tight temperature control to ensure accurate and precise readings. With no CFC’s the environmentally friendly, solid state design of EIC Solutions’ air conditioners are ideal for wastewater treatment facilities. Indoor wastewater facilities that are subject to corrosive, high-pressure, wash-down environments utilize corrosion resistant options we have available. Here’s just one example of how EIC helps Water Treatment Facilities ensure our drinking water is safe.



卫星天线The telecom sector has been trending toward massive growth and innovation over the past few years and is expected to continue to grow as the number of smart devices connected to the IoT (Internet of Things) progresses. The ability to utilize the IoT technology for remote monitoring will create massive opportunities within the telecom industry to grow sub-markets including network equipment, monitoring, and video/camera companies. To accommodate the quickly growing telecom market there are anticipated 5G field tests scheduled for 2017 with a push for a 2020 roll out of 5G networks to the masses. Increasing speed of communications is critical to the telecom industry but security and data encryption will be a paramount component of these network upgrades. EIC Solutions has long serviced the telecom market providing products that house and environmentally protect the sensitive equipment including camera systems, DVR’s, radios, computers, control devices, security equipment and other electronic devices. In many cases this equipment is outdoor, in remote locations and subject to harsh environments. EIC Solution’s maintenance free, solid state, thermoelectric air conditioners and NEMA enclosures ensure telecom equipment will run at optimum performance, with telecom applications including:

电信/摄像头/ DVR


CCTV-Security-SystemsTechnology is advancing at a rapid pace creating a growing need for security. Over the next 4 years the security market is expected to increase dramatically in both public and private sectors. Increased concerns with border security and cyber threats make security a top priority. EIC Solutions has supplied products to numerous security firms and major defense contractors, to protect the very equipment that keeps us safe. Within the numerous security applications on which EIC has worked, we have protected many different types of equipment including, mobile firewalls preventing cell-phone triggered IED’s from detonating, encryption communication gear for mortar tracking, remote surveillance for US ballistic missile sites, license plate recognition, RFID readers at US border, mass transit surveillance systems and countless additional applications. EIC Solutions rugged design is ideal for either mobile, or stationary applications in harsh environments where maintenance is not required and failure is not an option. EIC Solutions is dedicated to protecting your sensitive equipment and keeping security top priority, with additional applications including: